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Applied Finishes

The Company uses an extensive range of coatings for protection of fabricated Structural Steelwork, Sheet Metalwork and Architectural Metalwork, with all coatings being applied either at our works or by approved local specialists.


If specialist paint systems/coatings are required, L.K.Ninnim Engineering Ltd, in conjunction with several leading paint specialists, will always endeavour to meet your requirements. With a vast knowledge and understanding of the ‘Standard Corrosion protection systems for buildings’ and ‘Corrosivity Catogories’, we are able to advise our clients to which paint systems/coatings are best suited for their project.

Atmospheric corrosivity categories and examples of typical environments

Corrosivity category and risk
Low-carbon steel Thickness loss (μm)a
Examples of typical environments in a temperate climate

C1 - very low

≥ 1.3

Heated buildings with clean atmospheres, e.g. offices, shops, schools, hotels

C2 - low

> 1.3 to 25

Atmospheres with low level of pollution mostly rural areas
Unheated buildings where condensation may occur, e.g. depots, sports halls

C3 - medium

> 25 to 50

Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulphur dioxide pollution Coastal area with low salinity
Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution e.g. food-processing plants, laundries, breweries, dairies

C4 - high

> 50 to 80

Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity
Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal, ship and boatyards

C5-I - very high

> 80 to 200

Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere
Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and high pollution

C5-M - very high

> 80 to 200

Coastal and offshore areas with high salinity
Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and high pollution


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Please find below a list of paint systems/coatings that LKNE can readily apply:

  • Shot Blast Steelwork to SA 2½ (typical)

  • High Build zinc phosphate primer

  • 2 pack epoxy primers

  • Zinc rich primers

  • Chlorinated rubber primers

  • Micaceous Iron Oxide based primers

  • Polyester powder coating in a vast range of RAL colours

  • Galvanising to 85 microns

  • Galvanising to 140 microns


Bare Metal

sheet metal work hampshiresheet metal work hampshire pre sand blasting sheet metal work hampshire pre sand blasting at Ninnim Engineering

Shot Blasted

Powder Coated - Grey

Powder Coated - White

The Finished Product after powder coating in pink for client.
Powder Coated Garden Bench






































































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